After working with over 20,000 athletes and over 4,000 trainers, I can say Summer is in the Top 5 professionally and personally.

Scott Sonnon, CEO of RMAX International, Founder of TACFIT


FlowState is the state where action and awareness merge.

Time slows down. You become completely immersed in the activity at hand. You are in your most positive mindset during flow state, and at the best place to make positive behavioral change.

Welcome to #flowstateofmind coaching, where you will learn create an optimal environment for Flow in all areas of your life.

By finding more Flow in a meaningful movement practice, daily mindfulness meditation, in your relationships, in your business life, and beyond... you will be learn to step into ‘flow’ and find ease, joy and gratitude in all aspects of your life.

Flow State of Mind coaching will teach you to manifest abundance, harness your own personal power and overcome obstacles that may be blocking you from living your best self.

If you want radical awareness, radical self reliance and radical change, FlowStateCoaching is for you.

I will coach you on how to live fearlessly and be the change you want to see in the world.

Bring on the Flow